Islam and the Thobe

Islam and the Thobe

The Thobe, an ankle-length robe worn by Muslim men, holds profound significance as a symbol of the Islamic values of modesty, piety, and gratitude. Clothing serves divine purposes in Islam; concealing private parts and reflecting the beauty bestowed by Allah. The Qur’an states clothing is meant to conceal and adorn:

“O children of Adam, We have bestowed upon you clothing to conceal your private parts and as a fine adornment; and the clothing of righteousness, that is best.” (Al-A’rāf 7:26)

This divine gift of clothing is exclusively bestowed upon mankind. It signifies the importance of clothing as an integral part of human life. Even a basic outfit conceals the body's private parts, granting one modesty and decency. However, Allah's generosity goes beyond mere functionality; He has blessed humanity with attire that both conceals and enhances one's appearance.

Several criteria define a righteous Islamic garment:

  • It should conceal the area between the navel and knee, with a modest loose fit,
  • It should avoid feminine styles or blind imitation of non-Muslim
  • Excess like overly long garments is discouraged.
  • Materials like silk or saffron dyes are prohibited, while white is recommended.
  • Affordability within means and avoiding fame-seeking designs are also preferred.

Understanding Islamic dress codes reflects devotion beyond just rules. In today's liberal societies, adhering to modest Islamic clothing can be challenging and face ridicule. However, relying on Allah's guidance helps navigate these difficulties.

My Hijab London: Preserving Tradition and Modesty 

My Hijab London is dedicated to upholding Islamic criteria for clothing while providing a range of Thobes that retain their stunning features. Our collection includes full-length, loose-fitting Thobes with long sleeves designed for seasonal and cultural preferences across Europe. 

Our Saudi-style Thobe, one of the most popular variations, features Mandarin and Western collars. It typically includes two deep side pockets, a chest pocket, a high collar with buttons, cuffs with buttons or cufflinks, and a front button closure. While Thobe designs may vary by region, they share a common characteristic of being a long garment that extends to the ankles.

Our Thobes offer modesty without drawing undue attention, making them a popular choice among Muslims. To align with local custom, we offer a variety of dark and earth-tone colours such as black, green, blue, and grey. 

The Thobe, as an Islamic dress for men, embodying the principles discussed in this post. Adhering to the criteria of a righteous garment is a reflection of a Muslim's commitment.

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