Saudi Premium Thobes

    The Saudi thobe, a globally renowned men's Arab dress, is renowned for its symbolism of purity, piety, simplicity, and charisma. Its slim, shirt-like fit, with a two-button collar and a round neck, sets it apart from the attire in neighboring Gulf nations.

    Ever-evolving fashion has led to the introduction of embroidery and other accessories that are designed by us and widely appreciated by Muslims in the West.

    This traditional Saudi dress holds official status as the preferred men's thobe in Saudi Arabia, aligning with Islamic principles of modesty and fostering unity among Muslims.

    Notably, it bears five distinctive 'kalli' pieces on either side of the pockets, highlighting its cultural significance.

    Recently, the Saudi thobes industry has gained prominence among Western Muslims due to two primary motivations:

    • A commitment to upholding Islamic values.
    • A desire to preserve the rich heritage associated with this Arabic dress.

    To adapt to evolving fashion trends, innovative elements such as embroidery and accessories have been introduced. In response to this demand, "My Hijab" offers exclusive thobes not found on the high streets.