Omani Thobes

    The unique colour, style, embellishments, and manner of wearing Omani thobes uk underscore their historical connections to East Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, and Oman's cosmopolitan heritage.

    These Omani thobes, also known as Omani dishdashas, are predominantly white for public sector employees, while other neutral or vibrant colours are chosen for different occasions.

    The men’s Omani thobe adheres to specific criteria and preserves its identity apart from thobes in other countries. To preserve its identity, Omani government can impose a fine exceeding £2000 on those who attempt to alter its specifications.

    The law mandates intricate embroidery around the neckline, shoulder line, and wrists, along with a placket opening to the mid-chest for comfortable wearing. An attached tassel to a button at the neckline can be infused with traditional Arabic perfume, adding to its distinct charm.

    Beware of cheap imitations

    Our authentic Made in Oman dishdashas are traditional and of the utmost quality.