Emirati Thobes

    Our product is a fusion from different Gulf countries, boasting a style exclusively crafted for our Emirati thobe range. In our London-based design hub, our talented designers are consistently exploring solutions that cater to diverse lifestyles and myriad cultures.

    The utilization of colors, intricate embroidery, and unique accessories defines our men's Kundura, thobe or Emirati Jubbah, call it what you will as a signature product, unavailable anywhere else. It stands as an embodiment of ever-evolving tastes and fashion, mirroring social and economic changes.

    Just as these men's Emirati thobes bear various names, they exhibit a diverse array of colours including grey and white Emirati thobe and styles.

    For individuals in Western countries aspiring to deeply connect with the culture, immersing themselves in the multifaceted aspects of thobes from Middle Eastern countries offers a distinctive and enriching opportunity.