Saudi Classic Thobes

    The Saudi thobe is a globally renowned men's Arabic dress, cherished for its symbolism of purity, piety, simplicity, and charisma. In contrast to the attire in neighboring Gulf nations, it is known for its slim fit, resembling a shirt with a two-button collar and a round neck.

    This Saudi men's thobe features one chest pocket and two side pockets. This traditional attire holds official status as the preferred men's dress in Saudi Arabia, aligning with Islamic guidelines for modest dressing and fostering unity among Muslims.

    Notably, it includes five distinctive pieces known as 'kalli' on either side of the pockets, adding to its cultural significance.

    Recently, the Arabian thobe industry has gained increased attention among Muslims in Western countries. Two primary reasons drive this interest:

    • A commitment to upholding Islamic principles.
    • The desire to preserve the rich heritage associated with this iconic Arabic thobe.

    Tweaking the Saudi Thobe

    To adapt to evolving fashion trends, embroidery and other accessories have been introduced, with these innovative designs being warmly embraced by Western Muslims.

    In response to this demand, "My Hijab London" offers exclusive thobes that cannot be found on mainstream high streets. These unique designs are crafted to cater to the evolving needs of the modern world.

    Originating in South London, our designs are brought to life through manufacturing processes in three distinct countries, each contributing their unique strengths and resources to create our exceptional products.